Window Cleaning


Window cleaning done right is physically demanding and very detail oriented. Both of which can take it out of you by the end of the week. This type of work requires concentration plus physical stamina, and you gotta like people.

You have to stay focused to catch the little things that really do make the difference between a  job being done and a job being well done.  It’s not about getting the job finished. It’s about finishing the job only after everything has been buttoned-up, cleaned-up and left as if nobody had even been there. Except of course, the windows are now clean like nobody’s business. The sills are wiped down, frames are dusted, sliding door tracks are vacuumed and scrubbed, plus the screens are dust and dirt free.

Have you ever noticed how your home just looks better when the windows are clean? How you now catch yourself standing and looking out at the view instead of glancing out and kind of looking away? Believe me, clean windows do make a difference. I hear it from people everyday. It’s fun to catch people out of the corner of my eye standing and just looking out one of their windows after they have been cleaned. I can’t help wondering just how long it’s been since they’ve enjoyed their view.

A side benefit of window cleaning work is that you get a full-body workout. No gym membership required here. We all know that the older we get the more important activity is for our minds and bodies. Believe me when I tell you that window cleaning gives you a strong dose of both. It’s amazing the amount of bending, stretching, and lifting I do in a day. Activity is longevity!  :) Plus you are concentrating on all the details so you are using your mind as well.  

I have to admit that the people I meet are, without a doubt, the best part of  window cleaning. I have met so many wonderful folks that are so appreciative of the work I do. They are genuinely happy when I leave and are glad to have had their windows cleaned. You can tell that they just feel better.

It’s interesting and enjoyable for me to get to know each person. Its’ pretty cool that I’m able to get somewhat of an understanding of who they are and where they’ve come from. I’ve always liked people and I cherish the short time I spend in their homes while I’m cleaning windows.

To everyone I’ve done work for, thank you for inviting me into your world. I’ve enjoyed our time together and it has been my pleasure to serve you and get to know you.

Professional Window Cleaning Company Services Siesta Key Florida

WEBWIRE – Monday, December 26, 2011

Professional Window Cleaning Company Services Siesta Key Florida.

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Sarasota Pro Wash Window Cleaning and Siesta Window Cleaning were merged into one progressive and socially forward leaning residential window cleaning company that is taking it to the next level with extraordinary customer satisfaction.

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Professional Window Cleaning Company Services Siesta Key Florida!

See My Beach


The Siesta Key Window Cleaning Company in Sarasota has contracted for 1 year to be a sponsor and supporter of a website that creates content for our local beach community. The site is called See My Beach.

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How to Clean Chandeliers


One method is simply to wipe each crystal with a damp chamois. Or try our two-glove method. Wear white cotton gloves, one dampened with Windex® and one dry. Caress the crystal with the damp glove and wipe it dry immediately with the dry glove. !

We never use spray cleaners because sooner or later they’ll work their way into any microscopic nicks or scratches in the frame finish and cause corrosion, even with 24-karat gold or brass frames. Frames should only be wiped with a dry cloth. Moisture is a no-no.

Some people remove all the crystal to clean chandelier . Others like to clean a chandelier as it hangs, fully trimmed. Let the design of your chandelier and your personal preference be your guide.

Locate your trim diagram before removing any crystal, so you’ll know how to reassemble the chandelier. If you’ve lost your trim diagram, the nearest showroom that carries Schonbek chandeliers can probably give you a replacement on the spot.
Before cleaning, put a towel or blanket under the chandelier so that, if you dislodge a piece of crystal, your table or floor won’t suffer a nick (and the crystal is more likely to survive).

Never twirl or rotate your chandelier. When cleaning, walk or move your ladder around the chandelier and clean in sections. By rotating a chandelier you risk loosening its support, which could cause the chandelier or its crystals to fall. The electrical wiring of the chandelier could also be damaged, risking fire or electrical shock.

To brighten the whole chandelier, be sure and wipe the light bulbs. But wait till they’re completely cool. And don’t touch the bulbs with anything wet; it can cause them to shatter.

Never put crystal in the dishwasher!

Fine crystal picks up fingerprints very easily. In the Schonbek factory, we never handle crystal with our bare hands. When dressing or cleaning your chandeliers, either wear white gloves or use the finger cots.

We know people who clean their chandeliers every few months, because they love handling the crystal and admiring it close up. Others do a cleaning every six or nine months.

Frequency of cleaning depends on chandelier location, type of crystal and shape of the crystal jewels. For example, Strass® crystal manufactured in the last decade has a surface that repels dust and needs cleaning only very occasionally. Handcut crystal pendeloques tend to show dust, but they are easy to clean because of their size and flatness.

Crystal needs cleaning when it appears dusty or dull. Just look at your chandelier frequently (always enjoyable), and you’ll know when to reach for the white gloves.

If you have a chandelier with the grime of centuries on it, you can try a solution of warm water and a small amount of white vinegar and dishwashing liquid. Just remember to remove the crystal for this operation to avoid corrosion of the frame.

Window Blind Cleaning Tips


Short of hiring a professional blind cleaner, there’s really no way to avoid getting down and dirty when it comes to the ugly task of window blind cleaning.

There are, however, a few tricks to make the job a little easier. If your blinds merely need a dusting, use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to suck away dirt. If you don’t have a brush attachment, try wearing a pair of cotton gloves or an old pair of socks on your hands and wiping the slats between your fingers. A small paintbrush can also be used to dust slats.

If the blinds are pretty dirty, try wiping them down with a damp sponge or cloth while they are hanging. Some people recommend taking them down and spraying them in the shower or with a hose, but to really remove dirt, your best bet may be to soak them in a bathtub full of mild soapy water. If you’re worried about rotting the strings, soak the blinds in vinegar.

Line the tub with a towel before adding the blinds to prevent scratching the finish of the tub. Also, make sure the blinds are open, so the slats don’t stick together. After the blinds have soaked for about 30 minutes, rinse them off and hang them outside to dry. When they are completely dry, rehang. One final trick: Wipe your newly clean blinds with a sheet of fabric softener to prevent dust from building up.

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